Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ROBNO - Believe EP

Label: Bass Star Records
13 March, 2012  |  Digital  |  BASSEP008
Style: Glitch Hop
Total Tracks: 03

01. Believe (Original Mix)
02. Devin R.I.P. (Original Mix)
03. My Turn (Original Mix)

Robno began writing music when he was 14. He bought his first electric guitar and wanted to show the world, or at least his living room that he could be a rockstar. As 4 years passed he obtained enough chops to shred but was seeking more. He occasionally found himself at dance parties, but not in festivity as much as curiosity. Prior to his first party he began writing beats (around 2008) because he was no longer in garage bands and he wanted something to record guitar over. As soon as he found FL studio it was like magic to him, so he continued his music passion. So as the dance scene took over and his idea of edm music had transformed into much of an eclectic one, his interest in DJing overtook that of playing guitar. With the rapid influx of new styles that came with being in the rave scene (not to mention being a DJ) he began applying formulas and structures of all the music he was hearing to the music he used to make. As soon as Rob reached a point in the journey where he felt it necessary to start producing again (around 2009), he had joined the forces of his DJ network and utilized his compositions skills into what has grown to be the Robno you know now.
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