Tuesday, May 29, 2012

FICCI - Case 3 EP

Label: Rotation Deep UK
28 May, 2012  |  Digital  |  RD012
Style: Drum n Bass
Total Tracks: 04

01. Cassidy Street (Original Mix)
02. Acronis (Original Mix)
03. Let Me Touch Your Lips (Original Mix)
04. The Solden Gauge (Original Mix)

Introducing a Brand New Player to the Drum & Bass Scene Ficci. His Forthcoming EP - CASE: 3 introduces a totally new vibe, moving into the experimental sub - aquatic movements of the aforementioned scene. Sure to shatter the norm, Ficci takes us through an astonishing journey... Sit back, relax and enjoy ... The title track Acronis is a wondrously spacious carousel ride of futuristic harmonies and sounds. The ride takes us through precisely programmed drum patterns, crazy stereo mixing and fluent arpeggios to turn the stomach upside down, Ficci's Acronis is sure to spruce up that classic chill out sound! The high - passed vocal lines make their mark; soulfully manipulate the vibe to perfection! Subtly mixed with authoritarian power makes this title track a timeless classic for the future. You won't need a map to check out this beautiful street... Cassidy Street moves our spectacular carousel ride towards the uplifting side of minimal Drum & Bass. Gigantic pads pulse through mix providing much of the structural integrity for the foundations to stay intact. Big, punchy drums totally propel the track into a not - so - generic fantasy! The piano just creeps through the lower - back towards the neck, when it reaches that 5th note you cannot hope to stop listening! Let Me Touch Your Lips is a unique take on future garage, with its cavernous bass, rising strings and flute samples, and it stoically ignores any adherence to the now all too familiar Burial-esque percussion tropes synonymous with the genre. A moody finale to a resoundingly accomplished trio of tracks with an already memorable signature Ficci sound. Lastly but certainly not least is the finishing track 'The Solden Gauge... Irrespective of the name, we both know that this track soothes the mind. As the off - beat drums sparkle through the mix we begin to fall through a tundra of purest silk. As the drop comes into formation we freeze dead waiting for that long - awaited deep, instant, gratifying bass drum. As the perfectly placed kick drum comes through we again begin to fall further through the tundra, but faster this time. Ficci's debut EP comes with a bang and is sure to set up something special for the future of minimal Drum & Bass. Review by Jack Smith (Urban Essence) & Alisdair Mason Join The Group Page On Facebook to Find Out The Latest News and Forthcoming Releases On Rotation Deep UK.
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