Wednesday, January 9, 2013

NOISIA - Dmc Devil May Cry (OGS) Bonus Version

Label: Division Recordings
8 January, 2013  |  Digital  |  DVSN009B
Style: Electronica / Dubstep / Drum n Bass
Total Tracks: 036

01. Crush Him (Original Mix)
02. Found (Original Mix)
03. Hunter Theme (Original Mix)
04. Home Truths (Original Mix)
05. Poison Theme (Original Mix)
06. Remember Us (Original Mix)
07. The Flood (Original Mix)
08. Disoriented (Original Mix)
09. Barbas Theme (Original Mix)
10. Secret World (Original Mix)
11. Swallowed (Original Mix)
12. Lilith's Club (Original Mix)
13. Distrust Theme (Original Mix)
14. The Trade (Original Mix)
15. Grave Calling feat. Tom Colvin (Original Mix)
16. The Tower (Original Mix)
17. Mundus Theme (Original Mix)
18. Epitaph (Original Mix)
19. Bad Vibes (Original Mix)
20. Under Watch (Original Mix)
21. Arcade Machine (Diegetic) Original Mix
22. Merry Go Round (Diegetic) Original Mix
23. Road Collapse (Original Mix)
24. Eyeless (Original Mix)
25. Virility Advert (Diegetic) Original Mix
26. Factory Front (Original Mix)
27. Mass Recall (Original Mix)
28. Kat's Theme (Original Mix)
29. Trace Elements (Original Mix)
30. Mixing Room (Original Mix)
31. The Order (Original Mix)
32. Mean Dick (Original Mix)
33. Threatened (Original Mix)
34. Better Half (The End) Original Mix
35. Crystal Core (Original Mix)
36. Home Truths Reprise (Original Mix)

♥ :    I     Remember Us (Original Mix)
     II    Kat's Theme (Original Mix)
                III    Better Half (The End) Original Mix

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