Tuesday, April 30, 2013

SHOCKONE - Universus

Label: Viper Recordings
29 April, 2013  |  Digital  |  VPRLP005
Style: Drum n Bass / Dubstep / Electro House
Total Tracks: 015

01. Singularity (The Monochord Of Creation) Original Mix
02. Chaos Theory (Original Mix)
03. Harmonize (Original Mix)
04. Home Feat. Reija Lee (Original Mix)
05. Big Bounce (Original Mix)
06. Lose Control (Original Mix)
07. Crucify Me Feat. Phetsta (Original Mix)
08. Universes Feat. Phetsta & Reija Lee (Original Mix)
09. Lazerbeam Feat. Metrik & Kyza (Original Mix)
10. Infinity's Silence (Original Mix)
11. Relapse Feat. Sam Nafie (Original Mix)
12. Age Of Enlightenment (Original Mix)
13. Light Cycles (Prelude) Original Mix
14. Light Cycles (Original Mix)
15. Universus Album Mix (Continuous DJ Mix)

ShockOne is back in storming form, with his debut album 'Universus'. Australian-born Karl Thomas released his first EP as ShockOne in 2009 which featured the smash hit 'Polygon' and the Dubstep anthem, 'Adachigahara's Theme'...
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  ♥ :    I     Crucify Me Feat. Phetsta (Original Mix)
          II    Lazerbeam Feat. Metrik & Kyza (Original Mix)

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