Thursday, May 30, 2013

NU LOGIC - What I've Always Waited For

Label: Hospital
27 May, 2013  |  gatefold 4xLP + CD  |  NHS 231LP
Style: Drum n Bass
Total Tracks: 022

Well, here it is, the collab album we've all been waiting for. Drum & bass brothers Nu:Tone and Logistics hit Hospital Records hard with an LP the scene has been crying out for since their first work together a decade ago. A killer combination of Logistic's pure breaks and Nu:Tone's ear for soulful samples, there was little doubt that this album was going to be a huge release for the label, and for Matt and Dan too. Opening with the beautiful haze of lead single "Morning Light", the release heads down different courses to reach various points in the D&B spectrum...
© :       Nu Logic        Hospital

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