Sunday, July 8, 2012

ASC - Out Of Sync

Label: Samurai Red Seal
9 July, 2012  |  2×LP  |  REDSEALLP 001
Style: Drum n Bass
Total Tracks: 08

Amazingly, this is the ninth album from experimental D&B veteran ASC. Those who've followed his career to date should know what to expect; an atmospheric and all-enveloping sound that uses traditional D&B rhythms and structures sparingly, instead flipping between clandestine electronica, IDM and shuffling ambience (see the crackly opener "Spheres", which recalls his recent work with fellow experimentalist Sam KDC on the Decayed Society LP). It's a fusion that delivers real quality, from the late night '90s vibes of "Glass Wall", and guitar-laden Balearica of "Oneironaut", to the beatless beauty of "A Song For Hope", technological grooves of "Prometheus", and glitchy oddness of "Stay True".
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