Sunday, September 9, 2012

OCTANE & DLR - Method In The Madness

Label: Dispatch Recordings
10 September, 2012  |  CD  |  DISODLP 001
Style: Drum n Bass
Total Tracks: 017

Production duo Octane and DLR have been operating around the fringes of the D&B scene for some time, without really leaving a lasting impression. This debut album - a mixture of their productions, plus a smattering of tunes from side project Cymatic - may change that. Something akin to listening to late night pirate radio sometime in the early 2000s, it gleefully flits between smoky rollers, atmospheric post-dubstep jams and the sort of murky, leftfield bass-tronica that was once the sole preserve of dBridge. There are some great moments, not least the sparkling jazz-stepper "Let Me Go" and the fearlessly glitchy "Cometh The Horde".
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