Friday, September 28, 2012

STUNNA - Mix For Scribbler Dnb Podcast 40

27 September, 2012  |  Digital 
Style: Drum n Bass
Total Tracks: 01

All the way from Chicago, STUNNA brings us his smooth, deep and sophisticated sounds. An artist that has established himself with great musical credibility and is without doubt in every serious DJ’s collection after having countless releases under his belt on far too many labels to mention.

• Another Dimension (Neon) [Dub]
• Reawakened (Thesis) [Soul Deep Recs Dub]
• Dawn (Stunna + Eschaton) [Omni Music Dub]
• Arcane (Human Nature) [Stepping Forward Recs Dub]
• Clearing Skies (Dekoi + M.A.Y.F.O.R.M.S.) [Dub]
• Into Me (Oliver Ferrer): Physics Remix [Luv Disaster Recs Dub]
• After Dark (Hlz, Chef, Mc Fats) [Caution Recs Dub]
• I Feel (Sound Tactix + Ji Ben Gong) [Sonata Recs Dub]
• Rise 'n' Shine (Human Nature) [Dub]
• Summer Night (Najeem S) [Unjustified Recs]
• Rain Through The Sunlight (Seathasky) [Dub]
• Mixed Emotions (Stunna) [Dub]
• Memories (Ashatak + Alibi Feat Courtney Dennie) [Directors Cut Dub]
• Momentary Switch (Dynamic) [Sheer Velocity Recs Dub]
• The Age Of Aquarius (Alex Breako) [Dub]
• Quantum (Phuture-T) [Break-Fast Audio]
• Nine Lives (Ricky Force) [Criminal Recs Dub]
• Secrets (John B) [Prototype Recs]
• Moviecan (C.A.B.L.E.): Nitri Remix [Luv Disaster Recs Dub]
• Red Zone (Noel, Traffic, Kash Feat Dan Stezo) [Hustle Audio Dub]
• Inline (Alcrani) [Proximity Recs Dub]
• Water Beast (Robustus) [Im:Ltd Dub]
• Covalent (Quadrant, Homemade Weapons, Calculon, Iris) [Dub]
• Loose Threads (Stunna + Method One) [Dub]
• Dry Water (Mauoq) [Dub]
• Concealed (Dyl) [Dub]
• Roots Rhodes (Thing) [Dubthing Recs Dub]
• Arrival (Klute) [Certificate 18]
• Stepping Stones (Bredren) [Proximity Recs]
• Back The F**K Up (Calculon + Austin Speed) [Loose Squares Dub]
• Regis Chillbin (Eprom): Machine Drum Remix [Rwina Recs]
• Bad Habit (Fracture): Om Unit V.I.P. [Astrophonica Music]
• Tell Me (Silent Dust) [None60 Dub]
• When Soldiers Cry (Minor Rain): Stunna Remix [Rotation Deep Dub]
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