Sunday, December 9, 2012

Various - Nostalgic Futurisms

Label: Modern Urban Jazz
10 December, 2012  |  unmixed CD  |  MJAZZLP 09CD
Style: Drum n Bass
Total Tracks: 13

Justice's Modern Urban Jazz imprint has always been one of drum & bass's more interesting labels, delivering a diet of experimental jams, sparkling deepness and glistening futurisms. This latest label compilation impresses from the off, Icons' early Wagon Christ-ish "Aspects & Aspirations" delivering a late night blast of retro-futurist flavour. As the album progresses, highlights become more plentiful, from the woozy Latin trumpet and glistening melodies of Glider State's "Nostalgia", and Control Remote's ambient D&B cut "Faded Memories", to the slick Detroit-goes-D&B vibes of The Parameters' "Satellite Respond" and Krash's flowing, delightfully jazzy "Essential 4 Life". An almighty blast from the past with contemporary touches, all told - and hugely enjoyable for it.
© juno records :       Modern Urban Jazz

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