Sunday, February 24, 2013

Various - Auxcast Volume One

Label: Auxiliary
25 February, 2013  |  unmixed CD  |  AUXCD 005
Style: Drum n Bass / Downtempo
Total Tracks: 010

Over the last three years, ASC's Auxiliary label has offered a suitable home to producers inspired by the twin delights of sound design and experimental bass music. As a result, it's become one of the must-check labels for those inspired by the new wave of experimental D&B and leftfield electronica. This mid-price label compilation offers a neat glimpse into the label's intoxicating world. From the Autechre-on-valium vibes of Method One's "Stalagmite" and the Exit-ish delights of ASC's own "Defiant To The End (VIP)", to the voodoo electronics of FIS's "Two Swords" and RQ's bubbling "Waiting", there's plenty to enjoy.

  ♥ :    I     And - Calmness
          II    Bering Strait - Background :       Auxiliary

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