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SILENT CODE - Silk City Radio Mix March 2013

28 March, 2013  |  Digital  |  Soundcloud
Style: Drum n Bass
Total Tracks: 01

Tracklist :
Track 1 : Bassline Shut Up – Silent Code – Sliced Note Recordings.
This is the 2nd release on our label and it came out on 11th March 2013. We have been watching this one climb the top 100 Drum and Bass charts, and Track It Down have been nothing but amazingly supportive to our music, and we are really pleased with the result.

Track 2: Picota – The Beast – Silent Code Remix – Forthcoming on Rogue Beatz.
We love doing remixes, and it’s great fun when you get a good tune with a decent structure to remix. We were asked to remix this as part of a 2 track series for Rogue Beatz, and Stu who runs the label has been asking us to remix tunes for a while. He has had the patience of a saint, after we finally got round to this, The Beast!

Track 3: Bionic 1 – Manic – Silent Code Remix – Forthcoming Physmatics Music
This is one of our tunes featuring on the album - Pythagoras Theorem. John who owns the label is now in Denver USA buthails from the UK – a really good friend of ours, so it’s great to be supporting his label. We are working on a new track called Pythagoras Therom at the moment.

Track 4: Kick Off Feat MC Coppa – Prolix – Playaz Recordings
Mc Coppa has been someone we have chatted to online for a long time, and is an amazing MC. He has been residing in Europe and has a stack of vocals on tunes all over the world. This is a great track on a great lablel.

Track 5: Saturn – Harvest – Playaz Recordings
Another great tune. Playaz always seem to find great talent and expose it.

Track 6: Heavy Duty – Serum and Bladerunner – Audio Warfare.
These two producers have teamed up again and produced another blinder.

Track 7: Alright – Silent Code – Forthcoming on Sliced Note Recordings
This is a little snap shot of what will be coming on our label for our next release.

Track 8: Never Change – Silent Code – Sliced Note Recordings
This is a free track that we made recently and can be downloaded from our website for free.

Track 9: Oh Sevre! – Defkline & Red Polo – Hot Cakes
The original was killing it, and the drum and bass remix is a good all round fun track.

Track 10 : Nebula 2 – Flatliners – Silent Code Remix – Kode 5 Recordings
This will be out soon, and what an honour. Joe Nebula is a good friend of ours and we are doing some more remixes for him soon. This is a remix of a classic 1990′s tune on J4Ms records.

The rest of the show is made up of a further 40 min mix, and then a little chat and shouts with the crew who posted on facebook - big up !

Track 11 - Silent Code Feat G1 Mc - Big Style (Forthcoming Rogue Beatz)
Track 12 - Prolix Ft Mc Coppa - Drop The Funk (Playaz)
Track 13 - L Plus - Faces
Track 14 - J Majik & Wickaman - Consciousness (InfraRed)

Release date: Mar 28, 2013
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