Sunday, March 10, 2013

TRIAD - Utopia

Label: Phunkfiction
11 March, 2013  |  CD  |  PHUNK 021CD
Style: Drum n Bass
Total Tracks: 016

Between them, the trio that makes up Triad - brothers Florian and Sebastian Wolters, and friend Henry Lau - has a wealth of experience in electronic music, and particularly within drum and bass. This experience and collective depth of knowledge is there for all to see on Utopia, their debut album. Bound together by a stargazing ethos and a desire to push D&B in new directions, the 16 tracks variously touch on Instra:mental-ish futurist IDM, hip-hop, ambient soundscapes, jungle floorfillers, hypnotic techno (the excellent "Monologue"), ultra-deep house ("Alfa Omega") and wonky beats. Really, such a scattergun approach to styles and tempos should work, but thanks to their love of spacey synths and calming melodies, it all makes perfect sense.
© :        Triad         Phunkfiction

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