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QUEENSWAY - Automatic Lover LP

Label: Syncopix
20 January, 2012  |  Digital  |  BLUSYNCLP002
Style: Drum n Bass
Total Tracks: 012

01. Automatic Lover (Original Mix)
02. Darlin' (Original Mix)
03. Feel Sexual (Original Mix)
04. Man Walks On The Moon (Original Mix)
05. Path To The Sea (Original Mix)
06. St. Valentine (Original Mix)
07. Stay (Original Mix)
08. Stutter (Original Mix)
09. Summer Jam (Original Mix)
10. The Sad Story Of Nations (Original Mix)
11. Thinking About You Baby (Original Mix)
12. Message (Original Mix)

Russian born Queensway is an upcoming experimental force set to run rampant around the deep, experimental bowels of the electronic scene. A very versatile artist by his nature, the young (now) Ukrainian let forth with his first four track abomination of moody calm, ?The Sixth Race EP? on ABSYS DIGITAL. Utilizing a variation of styles, including downtempo, trip-hop, half-step, and minimal, this album is a rainbow of many flavors to keep listeners on edge and wondering what?s coming next. Emotional yet uplifting, complexity is key in the composition of these masterpieces; and QUEENSWAY?s future is definitely shining bright as one of the genre?s future superstars. Angelic pads, chords and a euphoric male vocal introduce Queensway?s debut album on Sync: Saphir with AUTOMATIC LOVER. Children are heard playing in the background while a male vocal lulls the listener into the futuristic melodies of DARLIN. Both tribal and ethereal in nature, the vocal cuts through before coming to a tranquil breakdown of pads and exuberance. The main vocal comes rollin? through as the drop hits. FEEL SEXUAL employs the vocal from Amber?s well known hit from 2000, ?Sexual,? although in a much more somber mood here. Elegant melodies layered exquisitely personalize the tone as MAN WALKS ON THE MOON. The heartbeat increases, putting the listener in a meditative state as the narrator directs this soulful journey. Full bass pushes through the speakers as abstract canvases are constructed of layered instrumentation. Touching back down to our planet, PATH TO THE SEA, brings sounds of children playing in majestic waters as a pager beep leads to the rush of rolling, thunderous bass and a moving male melody. Flutes accent the harmonic ballad as ST. VALENTINE steps through the next door. As if in a movie sequence, serious-mattered female vocals ask the questions while morose basslines lay under a field of sound design, ironically resembling cocked guns and slamming doors. STAY follows in the path of its predecessor, again creating a cinematic picture. Saintly spoken lines rest atop simplified drum hits and powerful lows. STUTTER brings the melodic side of QUEENSWAY back, once again brilliantly layering each set of arpeggios on the keys. Marimba glissandos echo throughout the backdrop as blips and pads lead into SUMMER JAM. Very danceable and intense, the Ukraine transplant utilizes a very spiritual, legato male to inspire this earthly piece. Sax riffs are heard at points, and QUEENSWAY?s very deep style is meticulously apparent by this point. THE SAD STORY OF NATIONS drips tears where all man stands. Martin Luther King?s famous ?I Have A Dream? speech sparks inspiration in the listener. Muted trumpets and synthesized strings create the orchestration. THINKING ABOUT YOU picks up the pace, leading out of that dark tunnel. Uplifting female vocals make their identity while a pumping bassline leads into this dance-inducing number. MESSAGE finishes out this tremendous tour de force. Anyone not inspired by this work of genius should really go back and listen to this album again. One last dose of melody, magnificent layering and a heart-woven female vocal carry the downtempo vibes out to the ending.
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