Saturday, January 28, 2012

Various - EP Numba One

Label: Wow Signal Records
26 January, 2012  |  Digital  |  WOWS013
Style: Dubstep
Total Tracks: 07

01. Maestropiano - Dreams (Original Mix)
02. Ext - Empty Dance (Original Mix)
03. N.Air - Some Nights (Original Mix)
04. Maestropiano, Redston - Days Without The Sun (Original Mix)
05. Kntxt - Plastic Mask (Original Mix)
06. Mechanical Pressure - Last Journey (Original Mix)
07. Future Reality - But Why (Original Mix)

WOW Signal Records continues intrusion of dubstep sounds in consciousness of the planet and presents the first collection of the label. This compilation shows a galaxy of new and already known dubstep producers from the post-Soviet territory, forming by their creativity a field of an attraction in the environment of the label and ready to attack by their power. The album is rich with melodic decisions, and it is pleasant to listen to it not only on a dancefloor, but also in an armchair, plunging together with music into space travel to stars!
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