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Various - Elysium

Label: Geomagnetic
21 January, 2012  |  Digital  |  CHRONO001JPG
Style: Glitch Hop / Dubstep
Total Tracks: 014

01. Liquid Stranger - Veil Of Forgetfulness (Original Mix)
02. Kalpataru Tree - Spoonbender (Original Mix)
03. Dr. Toast - Yayou (Original Mix)
04. Bird Of Prey - Walkabout Original Mix)
05. Timonkey (Echo System) - Sleep Patterns (Original Mix)
06. Nanda - Spirit Speaks (Original Mix)
07. Buddhatech - Wavedrop (Original Mix)
08. Heyoka - Pearlstep (Original Mix)
09. Pitch Black - Harmonia (Chlorophil's Mojave Remix)
10. Stickleback - Toaster (Original Mix)
11. Sadim - Grot (Original Mix)
12. Ripple - Different Tings (Original Mix)
13. Kether - 3rd I 123 (Original Mix)
14. B Kom - Ants 92 (Original Mix)

Compiled By Chlorophil (Synchronos Recordings)

RELEASE NOTES: Elysium contains 14 unmixed, dj ready tracks compiled by Chlorophil founder of the newest label out of the bay area that focuses on dubstep / electronica. Each track is healing and takes you on a journey through the dub spectrum! Starts out with a nice ethereal dub track by Interchill's Liquid Stranger. A nice one to start the compilation out right. Then the second track is guided by Ashland's Kalpataru Tree another healing ethereal dubby track that has a touch of Didgeridoo to the Bass. Followed up by a track by False Profit's Dr. Toast. Nice ethereal synths reminiscent of Boards of Canada along with some of the Grimey dubstep basslines, a real smooth track! Bird of Prey offers a real nice psydubby track that includes slide guitars and nice melody tones that makes it real cheerful track called Walkabout that is great for any occasion! Then Muti's Timonkey offers such nice sitar chill dubstep Sleep Patterns track with his group Echo System coming from the Santa Cruz mountains. The next track another Santa Cruz favorite and labelmate Nanda offers a wicked Tantra dubstep track perfect for the mind & Soul! Buddhatech one half of Waterjuice supplies a very nice circus sounding psy dub track that will make u want to break out ur poi or Fire! Muti's Heyoka also makes an appearance and supplies us with a nice "psyphy" dubstep song that spices up the comp a little bit reminiscent of Dr Dre in his workings! Then Chlorophil displays his production workings with a remix of Dubmission's Pitch Black, the duo from New Zealand that's been rocking festivals all over the place! Expect heavy Basslines and desert tumbleweeds as u listen to this track! Then you have Tempest Recordings Stickleback supply a beautiful psy dubstep style track reminiscent of shpongle but with the added grime that makes dubstep that unique! Then you have another Tempest labelmate Sadim and SF's Fullmelt's Ripple that supplies two of the heaviest tracks on the comp with some super nice bass whomps and ambient workings! Kether a Venice, CA based duo makes an appearance on here a nice healing psy dubstep track that has some nice vocals on it! The last track features another Santa Cruz native, B Kom that offers a nice dubby track with some nice female vocals that make this a well rounded from some international and many SF bay area artists, a compilation great for every occasion! Expect more coming soon from this fresh label! Label Profile: Synchronos Recordings is a San Francisco, California based label specializing in Dubstep/Electronica music. Next level production and cutting edge bass lines are combined to create serious dance floor energy. This is music designed for the groovy sound systems and chillout rooms.
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