Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DIVINE X - Take Me Away EP

Label: Atomic Zoo Recordings
4 June, 2012  |  Digital  |  AZR092
Style: Dubstep
Total Tracks: 03

01. Take Me Away (Dubstep Mix)
02. All I Want (Original Mix)
03. Pills Of Fate (Original Mix)

From the moment you hear the vocal, you will know you're on to something special. Divine X slides into the limelight this summer, with "Take Me Away" an anthemic Dubstep ensemble that promises to have you begging for more. Sharp, snappy and vicious in contrast to the soothing vocal, a sound that will have you reminiscing of the main rooms of old, with it's trance like energy. "All I want" tells the the same story... a timeless romance between melody and monstrosity, setting you up and knocking you out in the same breathe. Side 3, avoids the marker as far as delicate and emotive melodies go, and chooses the high road, one that insists you put your bass cannon in 4x4 and do a little low end off-roading. This is one of the most promising dubstep packages on Atomic Zoo yet, and we unleash it on the universe, like a pitbull on a pussy cat. Enjoy.
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