Sunday, June 24, 2012


Label: Innerground Music
25 June, 2012  |  Vinyl 12" promo  |  LC 15046
Style: Drum n Bass
Total Tracks: 02

Here's a quick drum & bass fact for you; DJ Marky can smell a good tune being made over 100 miles away. Seriously; he's spent years training his olfactory system and it pays on every Innerground release. Here we have two relatively new D&B faces, both unleashing two thoroughbred rollers as if they'd been producing since the days of AWOL. T>I's "Freaks" skips on a sharp two-steppy rhythm, complete with breathy vocals and that elasticated bass that the likes of Alex Reece was so fond of. Meanwhile Dominator ups the grunt factor with the aptly titled "Dark Age". Coming across like an old Full Cycle joint, this rolls with true funk and menace. Get your freak on.
© juno records :    Innerground Music

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