Sunday, December 25, 2011

N4M3 - Empty Planet EP

Label: Rotation Deep UK
25 December, 2011  |  Digital  |  RD008
Style: Drum n Bass
Total Tracks: 04

01. Thirty Three Happiness (Original Mix)
02. Life Leaves The Choice (Original Mix)
03. Empty Planet (Original Mix)
04. Neat Hussar Seeking His Goose (Original Mix)

This particular Estonian producer fires his soulful cannon straight towards your ear drum with his perfectly crafted staccato percussion and equally brilliant production execution, but who on earth could we be talking about? N4M3 conjures up something special from his talented depths for these wonderfully warm and rich tracks: We start off with Empty Planet which takes you through a cruise of intuitively panned delays that allows the imagination to wonder until the percussive elements bring you back to your senses. The lush chorus pumped - pads are filtered to allow the track to evolve so that nothing previous becomes repetitive. The melodies come in and playfully prod and poke at the time signature until the bass re - joins the action to partake in a dreamy yet held - back drop. The constructive progression towards the fully revealed instrumentation is inspired! The title track leaves no questions un-answered to the rest of the audio tale... Fulfilling its philosophical forename is his track 'Life Leaves The Choice' which is a majestic fantasy for the liquid lover where the Bass takes the forefront of the mix. The Lower frequencies wash over your ears with a virulent but perfectly manufactured buzz on the off beats. The stripped vocal cuts are put into the depths of the mix which compliment the vibe of the track as a sound rather than a vocal. N4M3 is a getting bigger by the day with many a release flowing from his finger tips, collaborations from artists like Nuage are sure to propel his career into new levels.
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