Monday, February 6, 2012


Label: Rotation Deep UK
6 February, 2012  |  Digital  |  RD010
Style: Drum n Bass
Total Tracks: 02

01. Bass'flo & Jay Le Roc - Anamorph (Original Mix)
02. Tidal, Bass'flo & Jay Le Roc - Uncertain Future (Original Mix)

Rotation Deep RD0010A - Bass'Flo & Jay Le Roc - Anamorph Rotation Deep RD010AA - Tidal, Bass'Flo & Jay Le Roc - Uncertain Future Release Date - 20/2/12 Forthcoming to Rotation Deep Records: Bass'flo & Jay Le Roc - Anamorph THIS track is an excellent concoction of brilliantly produced piano melodies, generic genius in the drums and swathes of sexy sound-scapes! INTRODUCTIONS are always important, our sea - side, sun dried starter begins with a fantastically realistic sound-scape. Skinny dipping anyone? ... THEN we come to the piano, and what a piano it is! Beautifully crafted to give the ultimate listening experience. Take notes on this boo'iful bad - boy! Bass'flo & Jay Le Roc are going to 'show you something' perfect! Forthcoming to Rotation Deep Records: Tidal, Bass'flo and Jay Le Roc - Uncertain Future (RD011AA) OUR three musketeers take us through a track full of emotive bliss ... BIG refined drums patterns, bass lines to topple buildings and, fundamentally, a brilliant vibe. This three-some have cracked the definition of a fantastic liquid roller - pardon the cliche. The track takes a classic structure; the integrity has remained faultless from then to now. The philosophical little vocal sample just hits the spot nicely. It's hard to beat those eerie monotone cuts. The trio have treated us; Uncertain Future is a brilliantly produced track, credit paid to all of them. Review by Alisdair Mason.
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