Monday, February 6, 2012

Various - Breaking The Ice

Label: Break-Fast Audio
6 February, 2012  |  Digital  |  BFADLP001
Style: Drum n Bass
Total Tracks: 013

01. Gerwin - Truth Or Happiness (Original Mix)
02. Mr. Abstract - Leaving Amsterdam (Original Mix)
03. Hoax - Kinson (Original Mix)
04. Acid_Lab - 5Th Of July (Acid_Lab Remix)
05. NSF, Sick & Destroy - Flyin Fist Of Fear (Original Mix)
06. Nic TVG - On The Plus Side (Original Mix)
07. Macc - Change & Stay The Same (Original Mix)
08. Mindmapper, Fre4knc - Milsani (Original Mix)
09. Furi Anga, Blue Motion - Switchblades (Original Mix)
10. Soundnbeats - Vortex (Original Mix)
11. Flatliners - Kangaroo Dub (Original Mix)
12. June Miller - In My Eyes (Original Mix)
13. Sub - Ain't That Funky (Original Mix)

Break-Fast Audio's first Album is a fact. After more than a year of gold digging, Break-Fast delivers 13 outstanding tracks. From drumfunk, to minimal, from anthems to steppers, from futuristic to oldskool, they are all included. Break-Fast is definitely breaking the ice with this quality album! 1) Take the red pill and float through wonderland on this spherical and futuristic production by Gerwin, where soothing synths and chilled out beats will take you on a colourful journey. 2) Be sure to stock up on some of the Dutch herb before leaving our nation's capital and emerge yourself in a warm symphony of eclectic beats, synths, piano's and that friendly looking guy in the back playing the saxophone. 3) Backward beats and celestial synths pave the atmosphere on this fresh production by Hoax. If that's what you're looking for, come and get yours! 4) 5th of July takes you on a psychedelic journey with its dry beats set to a background of dreamy synths, definitely one of those dreams you'd hate to wake up from! 5) Bombastic drums erupt into a sinister chaos on this massive track from Sick & Destroy, drifting through a break of pure bliss and harmony into an ending with those raw drums coming back with a vengeance. 6) Sitting still is a mission impossible when the perpetual funky drum rolls from this wicked tune by Nic TVG enter your ear canal, perhaps reminding you slightly of the works of one Mr. Richard D. James. 7) Prepare to be taken on a blue note trip through the mysteries of the orient on this instant classic by Macc, fusing jazz and deep drum & bass into a synergistic masterpiece. 8) The deep bass lines and crisp beats on this blazin' track by our own Mindmapper & Fre4knc go down like yo momma's milk & cookies on a rainy Sunday afternoon, yummeh! 9) Switchblades is one of those tracks that just keeps on going, setting the mood with big synths with that real oldskool feel while sirens sing their seductive songs. 10) It's all in the details with this pumping groove by soundNbeats, where raw synths meet minimalistic beats. 11) The track title says it all for this irie new tune by Flatliners, pass the Dutchie to the left hand side and hop on over to that dance floor when this one is pumping through the speakers! 12) Expect arena sized beats and even rock guitars, combined with some gripping vocals on this compelling and floor filling anthem by June Miller. If this one doesn't get your party started, you're probably at the wrong party. 13) Yes, this is funky! How raw can you can you get it with funky drummer beats and a heavy bassline, floating on a lower BPM. Another masterpiece from Austria's Sub.
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