Saturday, August 11, 2012

CYPRESS HILL & RUSKO - Cypress X Rusko EP 01

Label: V2COOP
13 August, 2012  |  CD  |  VVR 707388
Style: Hip-Hop
Total Tracks: 05

When veteran hip-hop stoners Cypress Hill announced that they'd been working with British dubstep wobbler Rusko, more than a few eyebrows were raised, yet given the way that hip-hop and dubstep have become comfortable bedfellows in recent times, it actually makes perfect sense. Certainly, Cypress Hill x Rusko should help the 90s rappers find a new audience. There's an on-point, floor-friendly vibe throughout, with B-Real and Sen Dog's in-your-face nasal delivery complimenting Rusko's chest-puffed production style. There's the odd out of place effort- see the autotune-happy Damian Marley collaboration "Can't Keep Me Down" - but plenty of future anthems, not least the dirty "Shots Go Down".
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