Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DRS - I Don't Usually Like MC's But...

Label: Soul:r
27 August, 2012  |  Digital  |  SOULR57
Style: Drum n Bass / Electronica
Total Tracks: 014

01. Soul Remember ft. Fox & Dub Phizix (Original Mix)
02. Blackhearted ft. Lynx (Original Mix)
03. Autonomic ft. DBridge (Original Mix)
04. Do What? ft. Genotype (Original Mix)
05. Star Voyager ft. S.P.Y & Jenna G (Original Mix)
06. It Aint Easy ft. Marcus Intalex, Kim Nishikawra & Tyler Daley (Original Mix)
07. Play Wid Fire ft. Dub Phizix (Original Mix)
08. Renegade ft. S.P.Y & Kemo (Original Mix)
09. Holding On ft. Lenzman Jehst & Riya (Original Mix)
10. Keep The Faith ft. Calibre (Original Mix)
11. Count To Ten ft. Enei (Original Mix)
12. Bun Ya ft. Dub Phizix Strategy Fox Chimpo Skittles Konny Kon & T Man (Original Mix)
13. Habitual ft. Calibre (Original Mix)
14. Raindrops ft. Lenzman & Pete Simpson (Original Mix)

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