Tuesday, August 28, 2012

SAPPHIRE - Anti-Gravity EP

Label: Rotation Deep UK
27 August, 2012  |  Digital  |  RD014
Style: Drum n Bass / Chill Out
Total Tracks: 04

01. Forgotten Galaxy (Original Mix)
02. The Dance Of Cosmic Dust (Original Mix)
03. Quiescent Mode (Original Mix)
04. Single Ticket (Original Mix)

Sapphire - Anti-Gravity EP - Forgotten Galaxy - The Dance Of Cosmic Dust - Quiescent Mode - Single Ticket Promo Release Date:27/08/2012 Official Release Date:10/09/2012 Forgotten Galaxy swathes the ear drums with sweet, circling pads and 'knock-your-jaw-to-the-floor' bass lines. The title track subtly intersperses the melody in and around the stereo field to encourage a trance like state of mind. This uplifting yet solemn fantasy world sweeps all the worries away, what a way to start Sapphire. The Dance Of Cosmic Dust has Lovely arpeggios that resonate throughout the solar system. Brilliant percussion elements, beautifully reverberated, set this dance floor into a melee of ritualised genius. Quiescent mode is the third track in the four part series. Minimal drums that reach deep down into the soul, plinks and bleeps that send the mind into a swirling peripheral whirlwind, all make this track a spotless addition to the Anti - Gravity crew. Playful synths spin around and tease your imagination into being. Single Ticket begins with that signature Sapphire sound, rising and falling until the percussion perks into life. Slowing it all down, Sapphire, shows how to do it simply but effectively. This track is certainly one to listen to with a clear mind. As the track moves towards the finale, pleasantly delayed synthetic guitars beat the soul to its knees. Building up the layers Sapphire folds up the heart and puts it in his pocket. Review By Alisdair Mason Rotation Deep UK.
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