Sunday, October 28, 2012

BLACK SUN EMPIRE - From The Shadows

Label: Black Sun Empire Recordings
29 October, 2012  |  2×CD  |  BSELP 006CD
Style: Drum n Bass
Total Tracks: 037

Clearly, Black Sun Empire do not mess around. This third full-length stretches across two CDs and features a string of collaborations with the great and the good of D&B, dubstep and hip-hop (Noisia, Foreign Beggars, Bless, Audio, Rido and Foreign Beggars all lend a hand). While the second CD does include some alternative versions, it's still an impressively expansive set. Musically, it sticks largely to drum & bass, flitting between darkroom rollers, tech-step business, liquid grooves and big room bangers, with the occasional excursion into old skool territory or melody-driven groovery. For fans and newcomers alike, there's plenty to enjoy, even if it is arguably a touch too long.
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