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Label: mau5trap
1 October, 2012  |  Digital  |  MAU5CD014B
Style: Dubstep / Hip-Hop / Drum n Bass
Total Tracks: 015

01. Amen (Original Mix)
02. Apex (Original Mix)
03. Crep Hype (Original Mix)
04. We Does This (Original Mix)
05. Minds Eye feat. Tommy Lee (Original Mix)
06. Flying To Mars feat. Donae'O (Original Mix)
07. Anywhere feat. D.Ablo (Original Mix)
08. Goon Bags (Original Mix)
09. Palm Of My Hand (Original Mix)
10. Working Angles (Original Mix)
11. Never Stop feat. Chrom3 (Original Mix)
12. See The Light feat. Bare Noize (Original Mix)
13. Flying To Mars feat. Donae'O (12th Planet's Martian Trapstep Remix)
14. Goon Bags (UZ Remix)
15. Flying To Mars feat. Donae'O (Ruckspin & Medison Remix)

Critically acclaimed UK group Foreign Beggars, individually known as Orifice Vulgatron, Metropolis and DJ Nonames, have built a revered reputation over the last decade for their versatility, prolific creativity and high octane live shows. Motivated by a continuing desire to push the envelope, they have progressed from their roots in underground hip hop to an eclectic and visceral fusion of these influences with electronic music that has seen them go from strength to strength. Following a diverse series of singles for mau5trap this year, the trio are set to open the latest chapter in their evolution with new album The Uprising which is set to drop on deadmau5 label on 1st October 2012. Comprising of twelve tracks The Uprising gives Foreign Beggars the broadest canvas yet to flex their creative muscles, teaming up with a broad lineup of electronic producers and continuing to surge forward with their genre-defying blend of sounds. Singles Palm Of My Hand, Flying To Mars, Anywhere and Apex all feature, providing a route into the albums headspace and, crucially, remaining as immediate and insistent as they did when you first heard them. From the deeper mediative frequencies of Flying To Mars to the dub-laced, bass heavy swagger of Anywhere these place together the first pieces of the puzzle. This is merely the start though, as Foreign Beggars take you on a journey through their world... Amen produced by fellow Londoner Burns provide the perfect opener for the album riding in on its infectious hip hop bump with an electronic twist, allowing Foreign Beggars to set the tone for The Uprising. Leading straight into Apex produced by Knife Party, the boys make it clear they mean business dropping razor sharp lyrics and high energy over neck snapping snares, grinding bass and lightning bolt synths (Apex will also be accompanied by a video produced by Ben Soper and starring longtime Foreign Beggars affiliate Ed Skrein, who recently featured in the Plan B directed film Ill Manors). Up next, Crep Hype makes sure not to relieve the pressure, teaming up with Salva for a celebration of their love of trainers, telling the story in inimitable style. We Does This follows single Flying To Mars as they team up with Alix Perez again, this time veering off sideways with a slippery beat that compliments their dextrous flows as they enter into straight up hustle mode. They up the tempo for Minds Eye, moving in to Drum & Bass with previous SOFI collaborators Millions Like Us and featuring the legendary Tommy Lee on the drums. Finding them in a more pensive mode, the track gives them a chance to showcase their acerbic lyricism. On Goon Bags they team up with experimental producer Blue Daisy for a cut of dark, warping hip hop while on Working Angles they join Kidkanevil again for his more light-hearted, quirky slant. They straddle both sides of the Atlantic on Never Stop, a collaboration with Philadelphia-based producer Starkey which merges deep verses with an anthemic hook and shows brilliantly the breadth of Foreign Beggars talents. See The Light then sees out the album on an epic wave of optimism with Bare Noize on production duties.
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