Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DESERT DWELLERS - Downtemple Dub. Remixed

Label: Black Swan
3 April, 2012  |  Digital  |  WS0126
Style: Chill Out / Dub / Glitch Hop
Total Tracks: 011

01. Point of Awakening feat. Tyler Smith (Androcell Remix)
02. Crossing Beyond (Duke Mushrooom Remix)
03. More Than Anything (Ryan Love-Light Anderson Remix)
04. Tala Odyssey feat. Scott Sterling (Drumspyder Remix)
05. Bodhi Mandala feat. Scott Sterling (Drumspyder Remix)
06. Dragon's Mist (Stephen Kaminanda Re-mist)
07. Lotus Heart feat. Yaegon Lamagier (Kalya Scintilla Remix)
08. Pranafestation feat. Andrew McPherson (Eccodek Remix)
09. Sukhavati feat. Duke Mushroom (Earthrise Sound System Remix)
10. Yoga Dub Mystic feat. Brian Saitzyk (Eastern Sun Remix)
11. You Can See Forever feat. Vince Villuis (Aes Dana Remix)

World-class sound alchemists filter Desert Dwellers' classic psy-chilled grooves through a kaleidoscope of midtempo breaks and ornately-textured ambience. Yoga dub meets ethno-electronic bass music on this genre-bending journey through realms of sonic bliss and dancefloor ecstasy.
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