Sunday, April 1, 2012


Label: New Moon
2 April, 2012  |  Blue Vinyl 12"  |  NMN 004
Style: Dubstep
Total Tracks: 02

Fledgling Polish imprint New Moon give compatriot Hatti Vatti the clear blue vinyl treatment, revisiting the producer's 2011 debut in fine style and enlisting the contrasting talents of Phaeleh and Indigo to remix "You". Featuring the vocals of Cian Finn, this was Hatti Vatti's breakthrough track and both producers retain core elements of the original whilst flushing their productions with signature studio touches. Afterglow regular Phaeleh calls shotgun with a stripped back revision of the original, all intricate clicking rhythms and misty swathes of swampy bass that lends the track a whole new moodiness. Equally different in tone is the treatment from Mindset Recordings boss Indigo, adopting a rhythmic poise around the 170bpm that certainly recalls the autonomic endeavours of D Bridge and company - unrivalled deepness on this one!
© juno records :    Hatti Vatti      Cian Finn       New Moon

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